Shipping Policy


Shipping Options

Shipping for our retail customers:

  (5-10 Business Days)  
  $9.95 for 1 item, plus additional charges per additional item    Varies by Service and Location


Shipping for our wholesale customers varies by weight, service and location.

Business Days 

Business Days (shipping days) are counted Monday through Friday.  Generally, packages are delivered during the week.  In some locations USPS will deliver packages on Saturdays and during the holidays in limited areas the shipping companies will deliver on Sunday.

Diamond Candles uses Multiple Carriers interchangeably.

Orders generally ship out from our warehouse within 1-2 Business Days of you placing an order.  Standard shipping is 5-10 days in transit after order ships.

PO Boxes

We do ship to PO boxes, but we cannot ship Expedited to PO Boxes, only standard shipping is available for PO boxes.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, however additional shipping charges will apply and delivery may take longer. This charge covers the additional postage and handling required to ship to these locations.

APO Shipping

APO shipping is available. Only standard shipping is available for any APO orders. 

Tracking Information

You will receive tracking information once your order has been entered into the mail stream by the carrier. When you receive your tracking number and check the carrier's site, it may show as 'Package Not Found'. Your package tracking will update within 24 - 48 hours of you receiving your tracking number.


Ordering More Than One Candle

Based upon availability and current shipping load, if you are ordering more than one candle you may receive your candles in multiple shipments and possibly different days.  If you receive a package with only part of your order, please give it another 24-48 hours to receive a second shipment.  If nothing further comes please alert our Customer Support team.


I am missing a candle(s) in my delivery!

If you are missing one or more of your candles inside your order then we may have shipped your order in two shipments to get your candles to you faster. Please do not contact us about a missing candle in your order until it is outside the allotted shipping times of 1-2 days to ship and 3-5 business days to arrive after being shipped.

If it is after the stated latest day of arrival for your order please contact us and we will look into your order as soon as possible.

Please contact our customer support team if you have any questions!


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