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Diamond Candles


Need candles for your company, or a fundraiser? Contact us today! We will even feature/sell them on our site!

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Made in America

Located just North of Durham, NC. We can do everything from design, print and pour your custom candles, or you can provide us with the artwork... everything is based on your needs.

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The fine print... there is none.

  • No Minimums.
  • Customize to your style and needs:
    • Custom Jars
    • Custom Labels
    • Choose your Fragrance
  • Fundraiser orders can be flexible.
    • We can send samples for fundraising, you collect payments.
    • Or...We can run the fundraiser on our site.

Contact us below and see what we can do for you, your company or your fundraiser. Everything can be tweaked to fit your needs.

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We can do Wax Melts too!

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David & Brenda